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Service for doctors who wish  
to keep up with the times.

How can we help the doctor

We have collected in one place everything that is required for accurate diagnosis, consultation and treatment of the patient.


High-precision tomography will give a detailed 3D visualization of the skull

3D scanning

We get an accurate color model of the patient's two dentitions

Photo protocol

Make a detailed photo protocol for a visual treatment plan

Comfort cabinet

We have created comfortable conditions for patients and convenient for doctors

Digital Lab

The laboratory will make any design required by your patient.

Navigation guides

We design and print guides for surgeons who want to work quickly and accurately

diagnostic center

best service for doctor and patient

3Shape scanner at your disposal

We will demonstrate the operation of the intraoral scanner so that you can scan your patients in our center.

We invite you for an introductory visit

Diagnostics for doctors

For those who want to offer their patients the best protocols for quality treatment.

Diagnostics for patients

For those who want to see an objective picture and be aware of the course of treatment.

News and Events

We regularly hold training events and invite experts from all over the world.

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